It is easy to get started with GeoJS. There is also an extensive API with numerous options for more sophisticated visualizations, too. See the tutorials below.

The Simple Map tutorial is a good place to begin. It contains the bare-minimum html, css, and javascript to draw a map.

Make a simple map. Includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Simple Map

Make a simple map and change the tile source.

Changing Tile Source

Make a map with a custom function for getting tiles from a WMS server. This also shows how to get tile bounds in different coordinates.

Using a WMS Tile Source

Place a video quad on a map with the correct geospatial location. This shows how to make a video quad and start it playing from a user action.

Geospatial Video

Fill the complete extent of the map with a single video. Draw a polygon on it.

Single Video

Show a video with controls for playback speed and frame.

Video with Transport Controls

Edit and save work in URL.